Our Dogs

We currently own 3 dogs – Jasper, Inka and Flicka.

JASPER – Wacky Warboys Wizard935250_10151653559768554_356727469_n
Jasper is a border collie who is a cheeky, highly active, enthusiastic chap, with a little bit of nervousness mixed in. He will do anything for his toy or treats.
He currently trains and competes in agility and flyball. He trains agility at RVA agility club and with many top handlers in the uk, Toni Dawkins, Helen Anderson, Dave Munnings (when we can get to see him). Jasper has had a few issues with consistency and agility but we have managed to get to Grade 4 so far, harnessing his enthusiasm and speed is difficult.
Flyball is Jasper’s ultimate sport and he LOVES it, he can run flat out, get a ball one end then his amazing tuggy the other. Jasper has just achieved his Silver Flyball Award and competes with TIMEFLYZ Flyball Team, with his fastest ever recorded time of 4.07 seconds when he was a little younger, now averages 4.3 seconds.

76970_10151425641958554_959875249_nINKA – Witch Way Next
Inka is our rescue collie x lab, she has had a very hard start in life due to the over use of an electric collar and extreme harsh handling. Inka was diagnosed with elbow dysplacia and arthritis when she was 1 year old. We have managed her condition through some surgery, hydrotherapy and many other complementary therapies. At the age of 8 she is still competing with her best friends TIMEFLYZ flyball team and has achieved her Graduate Flyball Award, her fastest ever recorded time of 4.89 seconds but averages 5.1 seconds.


FLICKA – Flickflack Chasing DreamsIMG_0004
Flicka is our beautiful border collie, she is the puppy of the family at just 2 years old, she has the most fantastic temperament you could ask for, I am beyond proud of this little girl. She is crazy and like a bull in china shop when she is confident about the task ahead. Whilst learning she is sensitive and doesn’t take failure well, but wouldn’t change her for the world. She is just so cuddly in the house I’ve never known a collie like it. She competes at agility and flyball, in agility she has already reached grade 5 and flyball has achieved her Intermediate Award, her fastest recorded time is 4.17 seconds but hopefully as she gains confidence this will improve. She has also tried her paw at sheep herding which is proving to be a challenge for both her and me.


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