Dog Walking

Regular exercise is very important to your dog’s health and happiness. It helps to lower your dog’s stress, encourages problem-free behaviour, and promotes a healthy social temperament.
Dogs are walked in small groups, they are free to run, swim and rollover to their heart’s content on private land. Your dog will get the exercise, attention and support it needs to have a fantastic time. Ideal for puppies who need that all important socialisation.
If your dog doesn’t like other dogs do not worry, dogs can be walked on a one to one basis, or older dogs who would prefer to be walked alone. These sessions take place at your convenience, although they are subject to availability.

All charges are inclusive of picking up your dog before a walk to allow them maximum run and play time, and delivering a well exercised, safe and happy dog after walking.

The service can be as regular as everyday or as and when required, walks take place Monday to Friday. Weekends are available on request and dependent on availability.